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La isla de Benidorm

By | 9 January, 2015 | 0 comments

It has an area of 0.0657 square kilometers, is 350 meters long, its highest point is 73 meters and is located only 3 km from the coast of Benidorm. Although it is uninhabited, has great ecological, landscape and environmental interest.

isla noticia

There is a legend on the island of Benidorm which has a knight in love with a beautiful lady whom he loved deeply, but did not dare to court, so that for months he passed through the village fountain to observe unobtrusively young collect water. However, one morning the gentleman waited and waited, but she never showed up, so worried, he went in search of his beloved to sadly discover that he had fallen ill.

At that time, on top of the great mountain known as Puig Campana, lived a feared but wise Brujo, so the gentleman decided to risk his life to climb the great mountain and be able to consult the dreaded Brujo the suffering of his beloved using as a weapon, hoping the possible recovery of the young.

After reaching the top of the mountain lasts through endless difficulties, begged the Brujo give him the answer to the cure for the illness of his beloved; Warlock said there was nothing to do, the gentleman begged for a better response to what the Warlock replied with a cold and distant look, lose no more time, to assume reality and exploited the short time was left to enjoy the company of the girl, since at sunset inevitably die young, because that was written in the stars and thus be available. He watched in silence for a few seconds the old face of the distant Brujo and suddenly, like a bull as a matador strikes the final blow, became aware of the harsh reality, assuming little he could do except try to share with your beloved little time he had left.

Having taken the unfortunate but young, noticed all the wasted hours after the long day on the mountain, so consumed by despair drew his sword and struck a blow to the mountains breaking a fragment thereof, which fell to sea, resulting in Benidorm Island; thus achieved that day the sun went down a little later, because when the sun passed across the mountains, would illuminating through the slit created (*) for a few minutes more the village where was his beloved, offering a few seconds to download so you can accompany the beautiful girl before he launched his last breath.

As prophesied the old Brujo, that sad day, after the last ray of light that managed to reach the humble people, the gentleman watched as the soul of the innocent girl, leaving her fragile beauty body lying on the old bed pescadores.Esa a house of night, the gentleman put the innocent girl’s body in a small boat and hopping on it, went to the island to the despair of his love had created on the beautiful shores of the bay of Benidorm .

When meeting with the small boat off the island crowned by a bright full of ivory moon, he thrust his sword and made his small boat sank allowing the calm waters of the Mediterranean their souls will be, thus taking their destiny and surrendering to that benevolent white moon rock face was the work of his love.

… And bunting, cast, this story is over.

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