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Cócteles con encanto

By | 1 September, 2014 | 0 comments


In this heat it does, who do not wish to take a drink to cool off? And if it can be something good, much better. During and drink plenty of water, soft drinks, teas, infusions and coffee; but summer comes and asks us what our palate? For a tasty cocktail made with the best drinks and the best exotic and sweet ingredients. Fruit, syrups, liqueurs and flavoring herbs, different combinations, and our hotel Carlos I / Centromar we offer a wide selection for you to choose and we order the one you like.

Here we show you what they are best known:

– Mojito:

The mojito is the king of cocktails par excellence. Today has diversified both its traditional recipe that has given rise to an infinite variety of them, keeping one of its basic ingredients and adding a few others to bring you different shades.

Here we explain the composition mojito life, and watermelon, an original variant.

The traditional, authentic mojito was born in Cuba, and consists of the following components: with, lime, soda or sprite rum, and a touch that characterizes: mint leaves with plenty of brown sugar. This sweet and aromatic combination makes it so known as irresistible.

His variant of watermelon, however, lead white rum softening its taste, which would contrast so adding large chunks of watermelon.

The touch is fundamental to both add crushed ice.

– Daikiri:

It is very similar to the mojito, with only a little softer, and ideal for those who are passionate about the strong taste of herbs. The rum is still your basic, white ingredient, in this case; and also includes regular lemon juice and sugar.

– Margarita:

Straight from Mexico, is presented as one of the strongest cocktails, intended only for the strong. Its star component is nothing more and nothing less than the tequila mixed with triple sec, and all this “smoothing” with lemon and salt. A classic that you can not lose.

– Manhattan:

We had a cocktail made with whiskey. In the case of Manhattan, one of the most colorful and striking visually, you will recognize it by its deep red color.

It consists of Canadian whiskey and dry vermouth. Sometimes he adds a bit of Angostura, and its decoration is characteristic touch: a slice of lemon and green olives that have seen on numerous occasions, and that is your personal touch.

– Bloody Mary:

With the same ingredients and method of making the Manhattan, has the distinction of also including tomato juice, making it one of the most perfect cocktails to consume during the day. A fresh and salty with a perfect touch to your daytime snacks taste.

Which do you stay? Come now to our bar and ask for the one that you suggest, or propound that you can think of!There is an infinite variety!

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