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La Semana de la Tapa en Benidorm

By | 15 September, 2014 | 0 comments

Las Tapas. It is impossible to talk about them without getting worked up an appetite. Anywhere in the world you ask will hear good things, because everyone loves. Which person not try to visit Spain? In fact it is something highly sought and pursued by all tourists.

But not only for them. We Spanish, are the first to enjoy them from the most ancient times, constituting one of the largest food traditions that identify us. So to the point that today has almost become an iconic brand in the country.

It is clear that the covers can be made in different countries as they adapt to the ingredients in each area, however, relate directly to Spain, as it is where they originate, and where we have more experience in cooking.

How did something as distinctive as Tapas? We like to eat in quantity, so it is curious to find out the way in which this habitude eating smaller amounts arose, but with more varied ingredients.

Well, some say that once, in bars glasses of wine or beer is served, and that due to the heat, flies and various insects came to rest on them. Thus, the drink is spoiled, spoiling the cup. Therefore, as a solution, they decided to “cover” the glass plate, and since the dish was placed, as in passing, why not, some snack food.

Other theories attribute the tradition to Alfonso X, which for their troops, when celebrated with wine, do not lose all control over themselves, offering small amounts of food at the wine, so that the stomach muffled somewhat the effect produced by it.

Anyway, tops today are a symbol and representation of the country figure.

They have many advantages:

– They have no fixed standard, nor ingredients. That is, they adapt to the raw material from which it is available, so you can cook anywhere and in any season. With more expensive or cheaper ingredients.

– They come in servings or small quantities, making them ideal for times when we want to fill the stomach, but do not eat too much, if we have excessive appetite. Otherwise, to go to lunch or dinner very hungry, are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to try everything, without swelling, in one go.

– Economy. Although there are different rates due to their small size, the covers are not very expensive. It is therefore a good option to control the pocket. A dinner or quality food, full of many flavors and the best price.

– Most covers do not require the use of cutlery, as they have been designed to eat standing. This means that in bars or restaurants with many customers, where we happen to be leaning or sitting on the bar, resulting in the most comfortable eating.

– Variety. Tapas are a most versatile dish can always be renewed, ingredients added or removed, anything goes, everything goes well. Therefore, it is a good option to break the routine of traditional dishes and taste the flavors that have least imagined.

The secret of a good cover, therefore, not on the number of ingredients that is produced, but the quality thereof, as well as creativity cook to combine.

In Spain, in addition, we have what is called “The culture of cover”, ie tapas supposed to meet with family and / or friends to enjoy them, visiting the different bars in the city, and representing the best excuse to socialize, while we do other things we like: eating and drinking.

The cap is usually associated with a drink, which is given equal prominence to both.

It is also true that the concept of “cap” varies greatly between different parts of the country.

For example, in the north, the covers are usually adapted to the products from there (usually seafood), and usually consist of different subject toast with a toothpick. These are called “pintxos”, so characteristic of the Santander and the Basque Country.

In Asturias for example, are usually served with glasses of cider instead of wine or beer, as in the rest of Spain.

In the central part of the country, particularly in the Spanish capital, we find that the cover concept is associated with an appetizer therefore consists of small portions of nuts, crisps and olives; so that the lid can not be understood as a way to dinner or lunch, but to whet your appetite before lunch or dinner.

Further south, the rich tapas abound in meat stews or processed (as is usual in Seville), so the only difference compared to having a traditional dish lies in its small size. In the area of Granada, some of the most famous covers of the peninsula are made, as they are virtually combined dishes including eggs, meats, salads and potatoes.

Also in the south, these caps are granted free of charge by the drink, paying only the price of it, and served without asking diners if they want it or not, or how he wants: is playing. While further north, no need to order the drink you serve, since each has its particular price, being able to choose the type of cover you want to consume.

However, in the Mediterranean area, especially in our Valencia, there is little tradition of tapas, since for many years devotion to consume more local dishes, such as paella, requiring larger amounts, or consume seated.

However, in recent years, many bars, restaurants and franchises are changing their habits and including this option in its bid, it is also possible in our area enjoy the best tapas. Thus we find numerous specialized in traditional tapas bars, like others who strive for the most creative and edgy cover.

With the reason for this claim as Spanish tradition, Taste and the Federation of Hoteliers of Spain (FDHE) organization has established on September 29 as  Tapas World Day .

In 23 cities of Spain celebrated this day activities related to this field, and which aim to promote and encourage this way of eating. For a whole day, bars and restaurants in addition to the initiative made activities, competitions and tastings, to publicize their tastiest tapas and elaborate.

Benidorm is one of the cities that honor with their participation.What better way to enjoy the summer in this city that proving any of their covers! No better than this day, and if you’re in town during the week, you’ll be pleased to know that due to the success of the day’s top previous years, this year has decided to dedicate an entire week. It will take place between 22 and 28 September, and the whole city was filled with color, flavor and intense aroma that will make you can not resist trying some of these exquisite tapas.

Benidorm also aims to promote and thus promote their own food, providing its best typical dishes and products. If you’ve never done it, what are you waiting for? Begin to enjoy the culinary tourism!

If, however, you can not go to Benidorm this week, do not worry, you will have the opportunity to enjoy more days like this, since the Department of Tourism organizes many more gastronomic events, throughout the entire year. This year there have been a set of six:

– The Conference of the Spoon (based on hot plates)

– The Gastronomic Days (typical local food, usually from 6 to 15 June.)

– The Days of Rice (where the dish is this ingredient from 13 to 19 October.)

– La Feria de Abril

– Coupon Pintxos and Tapas (from 31 March to 6 April, where customers vote for whatsapp or Facebook tapas and pinchos who tested during the week, and most have liked.)

–  Tapas Day and Week  (22 to 28 September)

During this week, the covers will be priced at $ 2, so it is a good opportunity to try the best rations, is available to everyone.

Also, you can try all the typical ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine, enjoying: You escalivada, fresh vegetables, bread rolls, seafood, tuna, monkfish, mussels; as well as meats and sausages, fillets, cod, and even stews.

If you’re not one to usually go out to eat away from home, very soon you have the perfect excuse

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